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Cooking, American--Southern style.

Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings
Scope Note: Here are entered works about all types of food preparation, including preparation of those foods that do not necessarily need to be heated. Works about collections of recipes are entered under [Cookbooks.] Works on cooking in specific places are entered under [Cooking] subdivided by the name of the place. Works on national or ethnic cuisines and styles of cooking are entered under headings of the type [Cooking, American, [Chinese, etc.],] which may be further subdivided to designate regional styles, e.g. [Cooking, American--Southern style; Cooking, Chinese--Sichuan style;] etc. Works on an individual style in a specific locality are entered under two headings, one for the style and one for the locality, e.g. [1. Cooking, American--Southern style. 2. Cooking--Georgia--Savannah.]

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