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James L. Evans

Identifier: UTPA
Scope and Contents Collection of slides including labeled boxes of "Cemeteries south of Rio Grande," "Other cemeteries Refugio 1 - Santa Rosa 3," and "Penitas 1-41."
Remaining slides and boxes unlabeled.

Jean Clore Collection

 Collection — Container: 9, Box: 1R
Identifier: ELIBR-000009
Scope and Contents This collection consists of materials concerning the Ladies Auxiliary, Veterans of World War I in Harlingen, Texas.

Joe Ideker Collection

 Collection — Container: 57, Box: 65R
Identifier: ELIBR-000057
Scope and Contents File includes research materials concerning South Texas botany.

John Closner and Family Collection

 Collection — Container: 39, Box: 4R
Identifier: ELIBR-000039
Scope and Contents Files include abstracts, correspondence, document packets and other legal documents, newspaper clippings, publications, and photographs.

John H. Shary Collection

 Collection — Container: 2, Box: 257R
Identifier: ELIBR-000002
Scope and Contents The collection consists of business and personal files from John H. Shary, the largest collection of which is the United Irrigation Company series. The collection primarily contains business files, correspondence, internal memos, legal proceedings, maps, blueprints, and newspaper and magazine clippings.

John Randall Peavey Collection

 Collection — Container: 6, Box: 1R
Identifier: ELIBR-000006
Scope and Contents Includes chronology of local and national news items, original manuscript of his book: "Echoes from the Rio Grande" including original illustrations, and a scrapbook of photographs with commentary.

John Thomas "Tom" Hendrix Collection

 Collection — Container: 83, Box: 15R
Identifier: ELIBR-000083
Overview John Thomas “Tom” Hendrix was an author, poet, and freelance photographer. He was born on September 2, 1940 in Galesburg, Illinois and grew up in Harlingen, Texas. The collection consists of personal documents, such as correspondences, photographs, awards, and certificates. Also included are copies of published and unpublished manuscripts of poems, as well as drawings and artwork by Hendrix’s wife, Penny Hendrix. The bulk of the collection consists of the author’s poetry, third-party ...

John W. Ewing

 Collection — Container: 153w, Folder: 1F
Identifier: ELIBR-000153-w

Jose R. Hinojosa

 Collection — Container: 18, Box: 1R
Identifier: ELIBR-000018
Scope and Contents Collection contains correspondence and legal documents, primarily from the State Bar of Texas. Some correspondence concerns Mr. Hinojosa's service on the grievance committee and the ethics committee. Collection also includes publication: Texas Elections Laws 1999-2000 edition.

Joseph E. Chance Collection

 Collection — Container: 145, Box: 8R
Identifier: ELIBR-000145
Scope and Contents Collection contains photocopies of research materials concerning the Mexican War, and the draft manuscript of Dr. Chance's book. Collection also includes information concerning water and irrigation.

Joseph E. Chance Collection

 Collection — other: 8R
Identifier: UTRGV-MS-Chance
Scope and Contents Collection contains photocopies of research materials concerning the Mexican War, and the draft manuscript of Dr. Chance's book. Collection also includes information concerning water and irrigation.

Joseph Radford Beard Collection

 Collection — Container: 99, Box: 1D
Identifier: ELIBR-000099
Scope and Contents Archival collection includes newsletters and drilling reports.

Junior historian [manuscripts]

 Collection — other: 2F
Identifier: UTPA-MS-Junior historian
Scope and Contents File includes original submissions and a bibliography to the journal "Junior Historian" written by local high school students.

Klein Collection

 Collection — Container: 37, Box: 4R
Identifier: ELIBR-000037
Scope and Contents Collection contains legal files and correspondence regarding the case of "The State of Texas versus Hidalgo County Water Control and Improvement District No. 18 et al" and "The State of Texas versus Valmont Plantation" as well as various other water suits.

Las Milpas Industrial Park, Pharr, Texas Collection

Identifier: UTPA-MS-Las Milpas
Scope and Contents Includes siteplans, building, and landcape blueprints.

Las Porciones Society

 Collection — Container: 100, Box: 1D
Identifier: ELIBR-000100
Scope and Contents Las Porciones Society, also known as Las Porciones Genealogical Society Collection contains information regarding Las Porciones meetings, speakers, events, and state conferences regarding genealogy and history.

Latinas and Politics

 Collection — other: Various
Identifier: BSA-01-UTPA-BSA-Latinas and Politics
Scope and Contents Latinas and Politics is a developing project for the Border Studies Archive. If you are interested in participating in the development of this area of study, please contact us.

Leo J. Leo, Sr. Collection

 Collection — Container: 84, Box: 3R
Identifier: ELIBR-000084
Overview Leo J. Leo (1917-1981) was a long-time power in Democratic Party politics in Hidalgo County. He was elected mayor of La Joya in 1965 and served for 14 consecutive years before retiring in 1979. The bulk of the collection consists of correspondence, official business documents from offices held, voting poll lists, and newsclips.

Lon C. Hill Collection

 Collection — Container: 129, Box: 1D
Identifier: ELIBR-000129
Scope and Contents Primarily newspaper clippings.

Lori Jacobson

 Collection — other: 2R
Identifier: UTPA-MS-Jacobson, Lori
Scope and Contents File includes irrigation of Valley gravity project.

Los Caminos del Rio Heritage Project

 Collection — Container: 91, Box: 1D
Identifier: ELIBR-000091
Scope and Contents Includes information on Los Caminos del Rio Heritage Project, a bi-national project between Mexico and the United States with the goal of transforming the 200 mile corridor between Laredo and Brownsville into a historical tourist attraction. Towns in Mexico include Guerrero, Mier, Miguel Aleman, Carmago, and Diaz Ordaz. Towns in Texas include Laredo, Roma, Hidalgo, and Bronwsville. The Hidalgo Pumphouse

Lower Rio Grande Valley Development Council (LRGVDC)

 Collection — Container: 15, Box: 1D
Identifier: ELIBR-000015
Scope and Contents Collection contains miscellaneous publications, reports, and other documents created by, for or about the Lower Rio Grande Valley Development Council.

Lower Rio Grande Valley Historical Sites Slide Show

Identifier: UTPA-MS-LRGV Historical Slides
Scope and Contents File contains slides of historical sites in Hidalgo County.

Lower Rio Grande Valley Slide Show

Identifier: UTPA-MS-LRGV Slides
Scope and Contents File contains slides of modern and historical sites in Hidalgo County.

Lucy Wallace Collection

 Collection — Container: 20, Box: 1R
Identifier: ELIBR-000020
Scope and Contents File includes mock-up cards for "Outdoors in the Valley" and "Gift of the Rio."

Manuel de la Garza y Laza

 Collection — other: 1R
Identifier: UTPA-MS-de la Garza y Laza
Scope and Contents Collection contains historical and genealogical research.

Manuel Guerra folders

Identifier: 34084c65-5adc-4bfa-b323-a4e67a5be16d

Manuel Guerra Store

 Collection — Container: 56, Box: 29R, 2D
Identifier: ELIBR-000056
Scope and Contents Collection contains business records of the Manuel Guerra store, including invoices, accounts, and gin records.

Map samples

 Collection — other: Oversize 1A
Identifier: e5151620-00cf-4571-afed-8906fdc5cf1f
Scope and Contents 13 map samples in various formats.

Margaret and Malcolm Snavely Collection

 Collection — Container: 153x, Folder: 3F
Identifier: ELIBR-000153-x
Scope and Contents Collection contains materials related to Margaret and Malcolm Snavely and Malcolm's parents: Guy and Charlotte Snavely including photographs, Harlingen Study Club yearbook from Mrs. Guy Snavely, and Methodist Church directories from Margaret Snavely.

McAllen Area Quality Home Buyer's Guide

Identifier: UTPA-MS-McAllen Area Quality Home Buyer's Guide
Scope and Contents Bi-monthly publication of new homes and subdivisions. Includes brief descriptions of subdivisions and companies. Also includes maps of locations of new subdivisions in McAllen and surrounding cities. Annual buyers guide includes information about the companies.

McAllen Bicentennial Celebration Collection

 Collection — Container: 153y, Folder: 2F
Identifier: ELIBR-000153-y
Scope and Contents Collection contains organizational files for planning and hosting McAllen's 1976 Bicentennial celebration.

McAllen Centennial Celebration Collection

 Collection — other: 1F
Identifier: UTPA-MS-McAllen Centennial Celebration
Scope and Contents Collection contains organizational files for planning and hosting the 2004 McAllen Centennial.

McAllen Chamber of Commerce

 Collection — Container: 22, Box: 2R, 1D
Identifier: ELIBR-000022
Scope and Contents File includes photographs and publications from the McAllen Chamber of Commerce.

McAllen High School Time Capsule

 Collection — Container: 98, Box: 1D
Identifier: ELIBR-000098
Scope and Contents Collection of items included in time capsule.

McAllen Landmark, Heritage Property, or District Applications Collection

 Collection — other: 1D
Identifier: ELIBR-000122
Scope and Contents Applications for McAllen Landmark Heritage Property (or district).

McAllen, Texas (City)

 Collection — Container: 115, Box: 1D
Identifier: ELIBR-000115

McMurray Family Collection

 Collection — Container: 118, Box: 1D
Identifier: ELIBR-000118
Scope and Contents Collection primarily contains photographs from Mission, Texas. The collection also contains documents pertaining to Robertie McMurray and G. M. McMurray and deeds to Lot No. 7 and Lot No. 10 of Block 170 of the Oblate Addition to the City of Mission.

Mental Health and Mental Retardation Center of Hidalgo County

 Collection — Container: 153z, Folder: 1F
Identifier: ELIBR-000153-z
Scope and Contents Contain annual reports for the Mental Health and Mental Retardation Center of Hidalgo County (1969/1970 and 1970/71, and the Tropical Texas Center for Mental Health and Mental Retardation (1976, 1978, and 1979).

Menton Murray Collection

 Collection — Container: 44, Box: 3R
Identifier: ELIBR-000044
Scope and Contents File includes scrapbooks, newspapers, publications, and music from San Benito, Harlingen, and Brownsville.

Mexico printed maps

 Collection — other: Map Cabinet
Identifier: UTPA-Mexico Maps

Mi Lindo Rio Grande; El Mexicotejano

 Collection — Container: 153aa, Folder: 1F
Identifier: ELIBR-000153-aa
Scope and Contents 1 45 RPM record with piano score and guitar chords. Spanish lyrics with English transcripts.

Mier, Mexico Archives photostatic copies

 Collection — Container: 3, Box: 9R
Identifier: ELIBR-000003
Scope and Contents The majority of the collection is comprised of municipal records including official communications as well as financial records from the town of Mier, Mexico. The collection also includes school records, marks and brands, inhabitant lists, inventories, election and census records.

Minnie Gilbert Collection

 Collection — other: 1F
Identifier: UTPA-MS-Gilbert M
Scope and Contents Collection includes articles written by Minnie Gilbert, including "Bethlehem on the Rio Grande" about a pastorela play. File also includes documents concerning ornithologist Irby Davis, "Birdman of the Valley" and author of "A Field guide to Birds of Mexico and Central America). File includes black and white photographs.


Identifier: e4b8c1ae-53e4-4c15-a6d0-0d8bf1a709ac

Modene Johnson Collection

 Collection — Container: 41, Box: 2R
Identifier: ELIBR-000041
Scope and Contents Research materials and unpublished manuscript for "Mission mosaic of a bygone era." Information includes biographies of early Mission, Texas settlers.

Mrs. D. F. Strickland Collection

 Collection — Container: 153bb, Folder: 1F
Identifier: ELIBR-000153-bb

Norman P. Brown

 Collection — Container: 45, Box: 2R
Identifier: ELIBR-000045
Scope and Contents Genealogical research collected by Norman Brown for his book "Chapa: A study of the descendents of Juan Bautista Schiapapria (Chapa) through the XVIII century.

Norman Rozeff Collection

 Collection — Container: 32, Box: 8R, 1D
Identifier: ELIBR-000032
Scope and Contents Collection contains weekly reports from the Rio Grande Valley Sugar Grower's Inc.  Weekly reports typically contain information about the sugarcane crops, the weather, and machines and equipment.

Ohland Morton Collection

 Collection — Container: 10, Box: 1R
Identifier: ELIBR-000010
Scope and Contents Collection contains notes, articles, and newspaper clippings concerning Texas, Oklahoma, Indiana, and British history.

Oliver C. Aldrich Collection

 Collection — Container: 92, Box: 1D
Identifier: ELIBR-000092
Scope and Contents Collection includes irrigation, drainage and other files relating to county government. Collection also includes campaign files concerning Mr. Aldrich and his opponent Mr. Ewing.

Oscar Cromwell Dancy Collection

 Collection — Container: 123, Box: 1D
Identifier: ELIBR-000123
Scope and Contents File includes papers and abstracts.

Paul Henggeler Collection

 Collection — Container: 152
Identifier: ELIBR-000152
Scope and Contents The collection consists of papers collected, and audio interviews conducted by Paul Henggeler regarding his research and publication interests on the continuing influences John F. Kennedy and the Kennedy family continued to play on future presidents. Files also include Paul Henggeler's new research interest in Cesar Chavez and the farm labor movement.

Paulina James Collection

 Collection — Container: 165, Box: 21R
Identifier: ELIBR-000165
Scope and Contents File includes field notes, slides, and films related to ornithology.

Periodicals - miscellaneous issues

 Collection — Container: 150, Box: 2D
Identifier: ELIBR-000150
Scope and Contents Single issues of larger runs of periodicals (magazines, journals, and newspapers) retained because of specific articles and issues concerning southern Texas and northeastern Mexico.

Pharr scrapbook

 Collection — Container: 153cc, Folder: 1F
Identifier: ELIBR-000153-cc
Scope and Contents Scrapbook contains phostcard of the Old Clock Museum in Pharr, and clippings of articles detailing the history of Pharr. Clippings do not include dates, but covers years from 1911 to 1966.

Photographs, Miscellaneous

 Collection — Container: 154, Box: 1R, 3D, 1OV
Identifier: ELIBR-000154

Precinct Convention, Precinct No. 13, Hidalgo County Collection

 Collection — Container: 153dd, Folder: 1F
Identifier: ELIBR-000153-dd
Scope and Contents Folder contains meeting minutes of the Precinct Convention, Precinct No. 13, Hidalgo County, Texas, held at Edinburg, Texas on the 3rd day of May, 1952.

Priscilla Club Collection

 Collection — Container: 153ee, Folder: 1F
Identifier: ELIBR-000153-ee
Scope and Contents The Priscilla Club was "one of McAllen's oldest clubs," a women's social club, organized February 14, 1919. The collection consists of a spiral bound notebook with meeting attendance and newspaper clippings of club activities.

Puerto de Brownsville

 Collection — Container: 149, Box: 1D
Identifier: ELIBR-000149
Scope and Contents Collection contains printers blocks of wood and metal.

Reference Files

 Collection — Container: 62, Box: 13R, 98D
Identifier: ELIBR-000062
Scope and Contents Collection contains articles, clippings, flyers, brochures, maps, and other ephemera collected by the Library Special Collections on topics concerning the Lower Rio Grande Valley Collection pertaining to the geographic region of southern Texas and northeastern Mexico.

René Saldaña, Jr.

 Collection — Container: 40, Box: 2R
Identifier: ELIBR-000040
Scope and Contents Collection includes photographs and files from the author of "The Jumping Tree" and other stories.

Reynaldo G. Garza Collection

 Collection — Container: 142
Identifier: ELIBR-000142
Scope and Contents Collection includes documents, correspondence, and committee information concerning the Select Committee on Higher Education. Issues addressed by the committee include testing of college students, and necessity for comprehensive universities in South Texas.

Reynosa Archives Collection [photocopies]

 Collection — Container: 166, Box: 1R, 5D
Identifier: ELIBR-000166
Scope and Contents Photostatic copies of municipal archives collection of 19th century baptismal, birth and marriage registers, family records and legal documents for the Lower Rio Grande community of Reynosa.

Reynosa Municipal Archives

 Collection — Container: 163, Box: 2R, 2D
Identifier: ELIBR-000163
Scope and Contents Reynosa Municipal Archives folders may contain information about the census of Reynosa, establishment of Reynosa, founders of Reynosa, protocols, marriages, lands, deaths and Panteon Municipal de Reynosa, provinces, and marks and brands.

Reynosa, Tamaulipas, Mexico Marriage Church Register Collection

 Collection — Multiple Containers
Identifier: UTPA-MS-Reynosa Marriages
Scope and Contents Collection contains one volume of the Reynosa Tamaulipas marriage church register.

RGV Promotional Literature Collection

 Collection — Container: 151, Box: 1R, 1D
Identifier: ELIBR-000151
Scope and Contents Miscellaneous collection of promotional literature primarily from 1910-1940, pertaining to the Rio Grande Valley.

Fliers: Inexpensively produced single sheet announcements or advertisements for distribution among the general public. Leaflets: Unbound volumes with fewer than five pages. Pamphlets: Published non-periodical volumes with no cover or with a paper cover. Usually 5 to 49 pages. Postcards: Cards on which a message may be written or printed for mailing without an envelope; ...

Rio Grande Folklore Collection

 Collection — other: 40 drawers
Identifier: UTPA-MS-Folklore
Scope and Contents Fieldwork assignments for select anthropology classes resulted in students collecting folklore from friends, neighbors, and relatives. Although the forms varied by type of folklore collected, and the year collected, a typical form would include the folklore information itself and the interview.

Rio Grande Valley 20th Century Studio Photographs Collection

 Collection — Container: Photographs Miscellaneous, Box: 2
Identifier: ELIBR-000174
Content Description 53 photographs of agricultural activity in the Texas Rio Grande Valley and the McAllen, Texas region, c. 1920. 39 of the photographs are 8 x 10, mounted on card stock and backed with linen, bearing the "Edrington" studio name. The remaining photographs are 5 x 7 and mounted on card stock. Four bear the "Ziebell, McAllen" studio name, six bear the "Eskildsen" name, and four have no studio identification marks. All save one of the photographs are captioned.

Rio Grande Valley Audubon Society

 Collection — Container: 12, Box: 2R
Identifier: ELIBR-000012
Scope and Contents File includes scrapbooks, correspondence, meeting agendas, and minutes.

Rio Grande Valley Partnership

 Collection — Container: 124, Box: 1D
Identifier: ELIBR-000124
Scope and Contents Collection contains materials concerning the Rio Grande Valley Partnership (also known as "Lower Rio Grande Valley Planning Board," "Lower Rio Grande Valley Chamber of Commerce," and "Rio Grande Valley Chamber of Commerce."

Rio Grande Valley Sesquicentennial Committee Collection

 Collection — Container: 133, Box: 1D
Identifier: ELIBR-000133
Scope and Contents File include meeting mandates, reports, and workshops.

Rodgers Kelley Collection

 Collection — other: 2R
Identifier: UTPA-Ms-Kelley Rodgers
Scope and Contents File includes political files.

Sadler, Fred M. Go south 'dear heart' go south [manuscript]

 Collection — other: 1F
Identifier: UTPA-MS-Sadler F M
Scope and Contents Story about the Pine to Palm Park and its residents.

Scott Cook Collection

 Collection — Container: 30, Box: 10R, 1D
Identifier: ELIBR-000030
Scope and Contents Research material gathered by Dr. Scott Cook for his book: Mexican Brick Culture in the building of Texas, 1800s-1980s. Also includes a collection of oral history interviews.

Scrapbook of Clippings of Valley Information Collection

 Collection — Container: 153gg, Volume: 1V
Identifier: ELIBR-000153-gg
Scope and Contents Newspaper clippings from around 1960 glued onto 1942 Powers Road and Street Catalog. Catalog has label from W. O. Washington, City Engineer, Brownsville Texas.

Scrapbook of Newspaper Clippings Collection

 Collection — Container: 153hh, Folder: 1F
Identifier: ELIBR-000153-hh
Scope and Contents Scrapbook of undated newspaper clippings. Clippings are primarily humorous stories, human interest stories, and poems. First clipping is of Geo. H. Dirmeyer 'Bird Cage Saloon' menu [humorous menu]. Newspaper clippings presumably clipped before first world war, as one article refers to the "next German war" and before automobiles were common as some articles refer to horses, mules, carriages, and horse-cars.

Sid Hardin Collection

 Collection — Container: 1, Box: 155R, 2D
Identifier: ELIBR-000001
Scope and Contents File includes office and legal files.

South Texas Symphony Guild

 Collection — Container: 132, Box: 1D
Identifier: ELIBR-000132
Scope and Contents Collection contains information on the South Texas Symphony Guild and the Valley Symphony Orchestra.

Spanish Land Grants

 Collection — other: Various
Identifier: BSA-UTPA-BSA-Spanish Land Grants
Scope and Contents Life histories of local families and traces of their land acquisition to first European contact in the borderlands.

Stambaugh, John.  San Juan, Texas : map of south portion showing who lived where, 1930s and early 1940s [manuscript]

 Collection — other: 1F
Identifier: UTPA-MS-Stambaugh J
Scope and Contents Manuscript includes a hand-drawn map, and a list of the people living in the houses numbered as shown, as remembered by John Stambaugh.

Starr County Marks and Brands

Identifier: UTPA-MS-Starr Marks
Scope and Contents This is a name index to the first Starr County, Texas marks and brands books. Names such as de la Garza, de la Pena, de la Vina, etc. are alphabetized under Garza, Pena, Vina, etc. e.g. Garza, Juan Jose de la. Only de Leon is uniformly listed under de Leon.

Susan Farb Collection

 Collection — Container: 4, Box: 4R
Identifier: ELIBR-000004
Scope and Contents Collection includes materials concerning the Farb family, and the Edelstein family.

Texas Bond Reporter

 Collection — Container: 112, Box: 1D
Identifier: ELIBR-000112
Scope and Contents Collection contains financial statement which include the consolidated debt statement, financial statements from various subdivisions including school districts and water districts and an economic and statistical section.

Texas Citrus Fruit Growers Exchange

 Collection — Container: 153ii, Folder: 1F
Identifier: ELIBR-000153-ii

Texas Department of Transportation

 Collection — Container: 58, Box: 44R, 9D, 1OV
Identifier: ELIBR-000058
Scope and Contents File includes aerial photos, maps, and environmental reports on road plans and construction.

Thomas E. Simmons Collection

 Collection — Container: 125, Box: 1D
Identifier: ELIBR-000125
Scope and Contents Collection contains research material collected for Simmon's book: Who's shooting firecrackers? : the "riot" at Fort Ringgold, Texas. The book discusses an incident that occurred when Troop D, Ninth U. S. Cavalry Regiment (Colored) stationed at Fort Ringgold and townspeople in Rio Grande City exchanged shots on the night of November 20, 1899. Materials include photostatic copies from the National Archives, microfilm and photographs.

Thomas Meade Harwell Collection

 Collection — Container: 168, Box: 10R
Identifier: ELIBR-000168
Scope and Contents The collection is comprised of folklore and folk culture manuscripts and photographs collected for Dr. Harwell's book: Studies in Texan folklore €”Rio Grande Valley.

Traditional Mexican American Folklore

 Collection — other: Various
Identifier: BSA-UTPA-BSA-Traditional Mexican American Folklore
Scope and Contents A bilingual collection featuring over 100,000 items ranging from topics such as La Llorona, curanderismo, the chupacabra and the devil at the dance hall€.

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