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AAUP Pan American Chapter

 Collection — Box: 1D
Identifier: NS-0000-01
Scope and Contents Collection contains memos, meeting minutes, and national and state publications.

Acts of the Visit of the Royal Commissioners (Auto de la general visita)

 Collection — Container: 119, Box: 1R
Identifier: ELIBR-000119
Scope and Contents Acts of the Visit of the Royal Commissioners (Auto de la general visita) was transcribed from archives in Mexico. These volumes record the distribution of land by the royal Spanish commissioners in 1767 to the Rio Grande settlements of Laredo, Mier, Camargo, Revilla (later Guerrero), and Reynosa, which were established by José de Escandón. About 170 of the porciones granted to individual settlers at that time are located within the present boundaries of Texas.

Agriculture Photographs

 Collection — Container: 19, Box: 1
Identifier: ELIBR-000019
Scope and Contents Collection contains black and white photographs of various sizes. Photographs includes crops and fields, packing and shipping, events, meetings, and shows.

Al Ogletree

 Collection — Container: 172, Box: 29R, 11D
Identifier: ELIBR-000172

Alfred B.Thomas

 Collection — Container: 54, Box: 25R, 1D
Identifier: ELIBR-000054
Scope and Contents File includes research interests on Latin American history.
Collection also included books and journals.

Allhands, J. L. Hidalgo County's railroads [manuscript]

 Collection — Container: 153a, Folder: 1
Identifier: ELIBR-000153-a
Scope and Contents Collection contains manuscript concerning Hidalgo County railroads.

Amada of the Gardens film

 Collection — Container: 88
Identifier: ELIBR-000088
Scope and Contents The collection contains documents, slides, audio, and video materials relating to Amada Cardenas (1904-2005), who at the time, was the oldest living licensed merchant of the holy sacrament of the Native American Church. The Gardens is located in Mirando City in the South Texas brush land. Religious pilgrims would trek annually to the Gardens, one of the few places in the United State where their sacrament, peyote, grows.

American Rio Grande Land and Irrigation Company Collection

 Collection — Multiple Containers
Identifier: ELIBR-000017
Scope and Contents The American Rio Grande Land And Irrigation Company was established in 1900 by Benjamin Franklin Yoakum. The company purchased lands from the Llano Grande and La Feria grants, their office was in Mercedes, Texas. The company sold farmland and provided irrigation to those lands, including the Capisallo District.   The papers included the collection are primarily from the latter years of the company when the controlling stock was held by Harry L. Seay and Charles Linz, and the papers from the...

Angel Noé González and Diola Gonzalez Collection

 Collection — Container: Gonzalez, A. N., Box: 2R, 1D
Identifier: ELIBR-000085
Scope and Contents Series I, Personal, 1972-2013, consists of two oral histories, documents regarding his campaign for U.S. House of Representatives for the 15th congressional district in Texas, book manuscript, and family genealogy.

Series II, Bilingual Education, 1965-2013, consists of personal research, documents, correspondence, and publications.

Anna M. Kelsey Collection

 Collection — Container: 134, Box: 1D
Identifier: ELIBR-000134
Scope and Contents Collection contains correspondence, personal, and business files of Anna M. Kelsey and family.

Archivo digital de documentos sobre la guerra de Texas, 1835 y la guerra Mexico-Estados Unidos, 1846-1848

 Collection — Container: Archivo General de la Nacion (Mexico), Box: 1R
Identifier: UTPA-MS-Archivo Digital
Scope and Contents This collection contains compact discs. Archival documents in Spanish concerning Mexico's war with Texas in 1835 and the war between Mexico and the United States from 1846-1848. Digitized through a collaborative effort between Mexico's Secretaria de Relaciones Exteriories and the University of Texas-Pan American (legacy institution), funded by the Summerlee Foundation.

Archivo General de la Nación (Mexico) Collection [photocopies]

 Collection — Container: 24, Box: 1R
Identifier: ELIBR-000024
Scope and Contents Collection includes photostatic copies from the Texas State Library and Archives Commission primarily concerning different towns in Nueva Colonia de Santander.

Arthur A. Klein Collection

 Collection — Container: 37, Box: 4R
Identifier: ELIBR-000037
Scope and Contents Collection contains legal files and correspondence regarding the case of "The State of Texas versus Hidalgo County Water Control and Improvement District No. 18 et al" and "The State of Texas versus Valmont Plantation" as well as various other water suits.

Associated City County Economic Development Corporation (ACCEDC) Collection

 Collection — Container: 89
Identifier: ELIBR-000089
Scope and Contents The collection mainly consists of expenditure reports for houses and lots in Colonia Esperanza and Subdivision #1 in Elsa.

Benjamin De Kalbe (Ben D.) Wood Collection

 Collection — Container: 153b, Folder: 3F
Identifier: ELIBR-000153-b
Scope and Contents Collections contains photograph, newspaper clippings, correspondence, and speech given at the memorial service for Dr. Wood.

Betty Burkhart Patterson Collection

 Collection — Container: 153c, Folder: 2
Identifier: ELIBR-000153-c
Scope and Contents Collection includes scrapbook of Betty Burkhart's theater and drama activities and other student activities from Edinburg Junior College.

Bird Wings

 Collection — other: 1D
Identifier: UTPA-MS-Bird Wings
Scope and Contents Clippings and photostatic copies of newspaper articles series with title of "Bird Wings."

Bob Stewart Collection

 Collection — Container: 130, Box: 1D
Identifier: ELIBR-000130
Scope and Contents The collection consists of personal records of the Downs Family, Marin D. Alvarado, and Justine Robb. The entire collection is RESTRICTED and closed for research use.

Border Bank Collection

 Collection — Container: 110, Box: 4D
Identifier: ELIBR-000110
Scope and Contents Comprised of both memos [elaborate] and copies of crossing cards [formal name] for individuals who crossed from Mexico into the United States at the Hidalgo, Texas port of entry.

Border Brick Project - Scott Cook Collection

 Collection — Container: 30
Identifier: ELIBR-000030
Scope and Contents The collection contains research material compiled by Dr. Scott Cook, pertaining to the organization of brick production along the U.S. Texas-Mexico border (1800s-1990s) and the Border Brick Project. The collection consists primarily of 186 oral history interviews (Series I, 1970-2008), 104 files of general research (Series II, 1837-2009), 122 files of manuscript and publication research (Series III, 1846-2013), and 2394 photographs (Series IV, 1939-2013).

Border Life Collection

 Collection — other: 8 Drawers
Identifier: UTPA-BSA-Border Life
Scope and Contents The Border life collection contains student papers written on the basis of original research, including personal interviews, concerning life in the Lower Rio Grande Valley Texas - Mexico border.

Border Music

 Collection — other: Various
Identifier: BSA-00-UTPA-BSA-Border Music
Scope and Contents Interviews with artists and commercial music recorded locally, primarily from the Spanish speaking Mexicano/a community.

Border Security and Border Wall

 Collection — other: Various
Identifier: BSA-02-UTPA-BSA-Border Security
Scope and Contents Local research on border security that focuses on the sociological and ecological ramifications of the border wall'€™s construction along the South-Texas Rio Grande River.

Brad H. Smith Collection

 Collection — Container: 153d, Folder: 1
Identifier: ELIBR-000153-d
Scope and Contents File contains partial article concerning negotiations for a consolidation of Edinburg Junior College and Texas A & M College at College Station, ca. 1931, a photograph of Edinburg High School, and a letter from Brad Smith about the article.

Brent Campney Collection

 Collection — Container: 179, Folder: 1-9
Identifier: ELIBR-000179
Content Description The Brent Campney Collection consists of research files accumulated during Dr. Campney's research into race relations in South Texas, particularily the Rio Grande Valley, during the early - mid 20th century. The collection has a series of folders dealing with (in most cases) long forgotten episodes of racism and violence in South Texas and are intended to 1) inform interested scholars that these incidents occurred and; 2) provide a starting point for their own research into the incidents.

Bruce Lee Smith Collection

 Collection — other: 3O
Identifier: UTPA-MS-Smith B L
Scope and Contents Bruce Lee Smith was a newspaper photographer and reporter. His collection contains primarily newspapers. Original photographs, color separation positives, and notebooks or other original materials were retained. Newspapers not held in microfilm by the University Library, or newspapers with color photographs taken by Bruce Lee Smith were also retained.   Newspapers with articles by Bruce Lee Smith that are available in microfilm will not be retained in this archival collection.

Business and Professional Women's Club

 Collection — Container: 153e, Folder: 1
Identifier: ELIBR-000153-e

C. K. (Clairmont Kenneth) Koelle Papers

 Collection — Container: 153f, Folder: 1
Identifier: ELIBR-000153-f
Scope and Contents Includes information on the history of the Wimodausis Club (wives, mothers, daughters and sisters) of the original founders of the North Sharyland Community northeast of Mission. It met regularly first at the Shary Clubhouse then at the old school building on 5 Mile and Shary Road (since torn down) from its beginning on April 19, 1916 until it was disbanded about 1999. Papers also include detailed description of photograph collected through Archives Alert 94-342.

Camargo Archives Collection [photocopies]

 Collection — Container: 164, Box: 5D
Identifier: ELIBR-000164
Scope and Contents Municipal archives collection contains photostat copies of birth, marriage, and death registers and land records for the lower Rio Grande community of Camargo from the late 18th through early 20th centuries.

Camargo, Tamaulipas, Mexico baptismal church register [photocopies]

 Collection — Container: 158, Box: 1D
Identifier: ELIBR-000158
Scope and Contents Collection contains one volume of the baptismal church register from Ciudad Camargo.

Carl Laurence Duaine Collection

 Collection — Container: 64, Box: 4R
Identifier: ELIBR-000064
Scope and Contents Collection contains manuscripts, research notes, and correspondence files from Carl Duaine's three books: "Caverns of Oblivion," "Dead men wore boots," and "With all arms." Research files include copies of governmental archival files from 1862-1865.

Carl Seale Collection

 Collection — Container: 127, Box: 25OV
Identifier: ELIBR-000127
Scope and Contents The collection includes over 120 compositions encompassing a wide range of genres from symphonic literature to small chamber and solo works and include: orchestra (35), concert band (24), choral (14), opera (2), ballet (3), film (1), smaller chamber and solo works (51).Many scores are accompanied by parts, copies of which can be made available by the library to interested parties upon request. Select works have also been published with Southern Music and Really Good Music and are...

Carl Staffel Collection [photocopies]

 Collection — Container: 153g, Folder: 1F
Identifier: ELIBR-000153-g
Scope and Contents Letters and reminiscences from the Staffel family, including letters written from the Germany, and the boat trip to the United States, and travels within Texas, including San Antonio and Galveston.

CineSol Collection

 Collection — Container: 38, Box: 3R
Identifier: ELIBR-000038
Scope and Contents Collection contains oganizational and promotional materials from the CineSol Latin American film festival.

Civil preparedness: Pharr - San Juan - Alamo Texas on-site operational assistance study summary, recommendations & action plan

 Collection — other: 1F
Identifier: UTPA MS Civil preparedness
Scope and Contents "This on-site assistance summary, recommendations, and action plan are all integral parts of and constitute the primary operational readiness improvement programs for the cities of Pharr, San Juan, and Alamo. Plan signed by the Texas State Coordinator; the Federal Regional Director of Defense Civil Preparedness Agency, Region 5; and the mayors and civil preparedness directors of Pharr, San Juan, and Alamo."

Clarence McVey Collection

 Collection — Container: 153h, Folder: 1F
Identifier: ELIBR-000153-h
Scope and Contents File includes photocopy of invitation and press card for Clarence McVey, Hidalgo County Water Improvement District No. 3 Manager, and photocopy of brochure: "Falcón Dam : constructed by the governments of the United States and Mexico under the supervision of the International Boundary and Water Commission, United States and Mexico." (19 pages : illustrations, map ; 20 cm published October 1953)

Colonial Spanish Research Materials photostatic copies

 Collection — Container: 114, Box: 5D
Identifier: ELIBR-000114
Scope and Contents Photostatic copies of materials pertaining to southern Texas and northeastern Spain.

Conan T. Wood, Jr. Collections

 Collection — Container: 126, Box: 1D
Identifier: ELIBR-000126

Cullen and Thompson Packers and Shippers Collection

 Collection — Container: 143, Box: 1D
Identifier: ELIBR-000143
Scope and Contents Collection primarily includes financial and business records of the cotton gin and the packing and shipping company.

Curanderismo Collection

Identifier: BSA-e43ede45-5931-49a0-a17e-571b401f2952
Overview Audio recordings, videos and images from the Cuaranderismo Collection at the Border Studies Archive. Digitized through a grant funded by the Institute of Museum and Library Services and the Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

David Allex Collection

 Collection — Container: 113, Box: 1D
Identifier: ELIBR-000113
Scope and Contents The collection mainly consists of annual reports, programs, and pamphlets of the Harlingen Chamber of Commerce as well as abstracts of title for the San Benito Irrigation Company Subdivision, Cameron County, Texas which was part of the Espiritu Santo Grant.

David E. Vassberg Collection

 Collection — Container: 169, Box: 1R
Identifier: ELIBR-000169
Scope and Contents Collection contains research materials for "Stockholm on the Rio Grande" including original research interviews, memoirs, e-mail, and internet webpage printouts, and photostatic copies of older materials.

Delta Kappa Gamma Society

 Collection — Container: 153i, Folder: 1F
Identifier: ELIBR-000153-i
Scope and Contents Includes constitution, list of officers, members, and programs.

Dick Heller Collection

 Collection — Container: 42, Box: 5R, 1D
Identifier: ELIBR-000042
Scope and Contents File includes photostatic copies for research of the Lower Rio Grande Valley.

Donna Garden Club

 Collection — Container: 153j, Folder: 1F
Identifier: ELIBR-000153-j

E. M. Card Collection

 Collection — Container: 153k, Folder: 3F
Identifier: ELIBR-000153-k

Edinburg Bicentennial Heritage Committee Collection

 Collection — Container: 153l, Folder: 1F
Identifier: ELIBR-000153-l
Scope and Contents Collection contains correspondence, notes, and drafts concerning the writing and publication of the Edinburg book by the Edinburg Bicentennial Heritage Committee. Cover title on book is "Edinburg : a story of a town." Title page and cataloged title is "Edinburg."

Edinburg Chamber of Commerce

 Collection — Container: 140, Box: 1D
Identifier: ELIBR-000140

Edinburg Lions Club

 Collection — Container: 153m, Folder: 1F
Identifier: ELIBR-000153-m
Scope and Contents File contains programs from eigth (1957), ninth (1958), twelfth (1961), and thirteenth (1962) annual minstrels.

Edinburg Remembered Collection

 Collection — Folder: 153n, Folder: 1F
Identifier: ELIBR-000153-n
Scope and Contents Newspaper articles from "Edinburg Remembered" series, in which the history of Edinburg is highlighted through a historical review of various homes and the influences of the families who lived in those homes.

Edinburg Serials

Identifier: UTPA-MS-Edinburg Serials
Scope and Contents Collection contains newsletters from various organizations located in Edinburg.

Edinburg Sesquicentennial Committee

 Collection — Container: 111, Box: 1D
Identifier: ELIBR-000111
Scope and Contents Files collected for the planning of the sesquicentennial celebration. Collection mainly consists of information (birth, death, occupation, and children) of individuals.

Edinburg Study Club

 Collection — Container: 128, Box: 2D
Identifier: ELIBR-000128
Scope and Contents Minutes of the Civil Club (1925) and of the Edinburg Study Club (1925-1987). Minutes are handwritten in record books and are sometimes accompanied by newspaper clippings, photographs, or other notes.

Edinburg, Texas (City)

 Collection — Container: 5, Box: 2R
Identifier: ELIBR-000005
Scope and Contents Collection contains reports and document created by or for the City of Edinburg.

Edward Avila Collection

Identifier: d97402ab-f390-461e-a8b2-d760f127f4f1
Scope and Contents Collection contains oral histories on labor history recorded for thesis work Labor Degradation in Hidalgo County 1920-1970s.

Edward George Reynolds Family Collection

 Collection — Container: 102, Box: 1D
Identifier: ELIBR-000102
Scope and Contents File is primarily newspaper clippings, also contains a few letters.

El Gobernador

Identifier: UTRGV-ED-2016-El Gobernador
Overview Three printed laws from the Governor of Tamaulipas, 1873.

Eligio (Kika) de la Garza Congressional Papers

 Collection — Container: 78, Box: 332R, 22D, 135OV
Identifier: ELIBR-000078
Scope and Contents The Congressional Papers of Eligio "Kika" de la Garza consist of approximately 425 linear feet of materials dating from 1965 - 1996. The bulk of the papers date from 1965-1980 and 1989-1996. The papers were created during Kika de la Garza's time as an elected official in the U.S. House of Representatives from 1965 - 1996, representing the 15th Congressional District in South Texas.

Elisa G. de Longoria Collection

 Collection — Container: 105, Box: 1D
Identifier: ELIBR-000105
Scope and Contents Collection contains letters and notes concerning various stores in the Lower Rio Grande Valley and related to Longoria's work with the Rio Grande Herald and KRGV Radio Station.

Elmer William Flaccus Collection

 Collection — Container: 170, Box: 10D
Identifier: ELIBR-000170
Scope and Contents Collection contains research materials and notes concerning the War of 1812, especially Guadalupe Victoria, Mexico's first constitutionally elected president (1924-1829), John Henry, a British spy during the War of 1812, and notes about Joel Roberts Poinsett, the first American Minister to Mexico (1825-1829).

Emile H. Combe and Barbara Combe Young Collection

 Collection — Folder: 153kk
Identifier: ELIBR-000153-kk
Scope and Contents File contains 10 letters written in 1878 and 1888 relating to a duel between Nestor Maxan and Col. Miguel de la Peña.

Ersel Lantz: Hurricane Beulah

 Collection — other: Box 1O
Identifier: UTPA-MS-Lantz, Ersel
Scope and Contents File contains scrapbook of volunteer efforts and newspaper clipping of Hurricane Beulah.

Evins Regional Juvenile Center

 Collection — Folder: 153o
Identifier: ELIBR-000153-o
Scope and Contents Collection contains report published by the Texas Youth Commission [1990]; newsletters, press release, photographs and opening ceremony program from September 6, 1990.

Falcon Family Collection

 Collection — Container: 31, Box: 8R
Identifier: ELIBR-000031
Scope and Contents Collection contains personal, legal documents, and articles concerning various family members of the Falcon family.

Florence Johnson Scott Collection

 Collection — Container: 29, Box: 29R, 22D
Identifier: ELIBR-000029
Scope and Contents Collection contains research notes and materials collected by Florence Johnson Scott throughout her years researching the history of the Rio Grande Valley, and during her terms as teacher and administrator with the Rio Grande City schools.

Floyd H. Rodgers Collection

 Collection — Folder: 153q, Folder: 1F
Identifier: ELIBR-000153-q
Scope and Contents File contains photocopied documents concerning Floyd Rodgers, primarily concerning his airplane pilot's license and trouble for low acrobatic flying over the city.

Frances Isbell Collection

 Collection — Container: 53, Box: 15R, 1OV
Identifier: ELIBR-000053
Scope and Contents Series I, Reference/Research Files, 1832-2014, consists of reference and research files pertaining to a variety of subjects from the Rio Grande Valley of Texas. Series II, Hidalgo County Historical Commission, 1852-2014, consists of files pertaining to the Historical Markers, Archives Alert, and Confederate graves projects as well as general and office files. Series III, Newspaper clippings, 1849-2011, consists of a variety of newspaper clippings that were saved by...

Frances William Seabury Collection

 Collection — Container: 36, Box: 5R
Identifier: ELIBR-000036
Scope and Contents Collection includes materials from the Seabury Estate, including legal land and oil documents.

Frank Cushman Pierce Collection [photocopies]

 Collection — Container: 159, Box: 1R, 8D, 2OV
Identifier: ELIBR-000159
Scope and Contents Collections contains photocopied genealogical material or original materials owned by the Brownsville Historical Association.

Frank Ferree Collection

 Collection — Container: 93
Identifier: ELIBR-000093
Scope and Contents The collection contains information, correspondence, and newspaper clippings on Frank Ferree.

Futuro McAllen Collection

 Collection — Container: 144, Box: 1D
Identifier: ELIBR-000144
Scope and Contents File contains information relating issues of concern to Futuro McAllen.

Garza / Martinez / Moreno Photocopies of Family Records Collection

 Collection — other: 1F
Identifier: ELIBR-000153-r
Scope and Contents Photocopies of family records including marriage, land, and school records from Ciudad Mier and Starr County. Includes one photograph of "Sister Betty" taken at petrified forest in Roma, Texas.

George Gause Collection

 Collection — Container: 11, Box: 1R
Identifier: ELIBR-000011

Gladys Porter Zoo. Interactive Zoological Resource Guide

 Collection — other: 1CD
Identifier: UTPA-MS-Gladys Porter Zoo
Scope and Contents Zoo visitor information including scheduling group visits, educator resources, events, and a map on a CD utilizing Macromedia flash player.

Grant D. Hall Collection

 Collection — Container: 117, Box: 1D
Identifier: ELIBR-000117
Scope and Contents The collection consists primarily of Texas archeaological reports and publications written by Grant D. Hall. Hall is associated with Harvard University as a graduate student, The University of Texas at Austin, and Texas Tech University as a professor.

Green Collection on Latin American Culture

 Collection — Container: 81
Identifier: ELIBR-000081
Scope and Contents The collection consists of publications and papers regarding Archaeology and Ethnology of Latin American cultures.

H. O. Schaleben - Sunrise Hill Memorial Bowl, Inc.

 Collection — Container: 101, Box: 1D
Identifier: ELIBR-000101
Scope and Contents The collection includes correspondence, notice of meetings, receipts, and history of Sunrise Hill Memorial Bowl, Inc. promoted and organized by Mrs. H. O. Schaleben.

Hamby, M. P. Transportation in the Lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas [manuscript]

 Collection — Container: 153s, Folder: 1F
Identifier: ELIBR-000153-s
Scope and Contents Talk given by M. P. Hamby, Traffic Manager, Port of Brownsville, before the Donna Chamber of Commerce.

Harlingen Garden Club, Bougainvillea Trail of Texas Inc.

 Collection — other: 1R
Identifier: ELIBR-000013
Scope and Contents File includes scrapbook including a written history of the Bougainvillea trail 1936-1947, letters, newspaper clippings and organization files glued into scrapbook.

Harry Lund Collection

Identifier: UTPA-MS-Lund H
Scope and Contents Unos Ejericios del Acento por Dr. Harry Lund (1967) exercise booklets for practicing Spanish accent marks. Unos Ejericios de Las Raices Latinas del Espanol (1963) Latin / Spanish vocabulary and grammar review. La Redaccion por Dr. Harry Lund exercise book for punctuation and accents.

Hidalgo Abstracts

 Collection — other: 3R
Identifier: UTPA-MS-Hidalgo Abstracts
Scope and Contents File includes land title abstracts for Hidalgo County.

Hidalgo County 93rd District Court - Delinquent tax suits

 Collection — Container: 80, Box: 1D
Identifier: ELIBR-000080
Scope and Contents The collection consists of petitions for foreclosure on delinquent taxes that were filed in the 93rd Distirct Court of Hidalgo County, Texas.

Hidalgo County Historical Commission

 Collection — Container: 79, Box: 22R
Identifier: ELIBR-000079
Scope and Contents The collection consists of applications for historical markers and historical cemeteries, research, notes, correspondence, organizational files, and maps. Historical marker applications were submitted by the Hidalgo County Historical Commission to the Texas Historical Commission Research Department. Marker applications typically include research describing the importance of the location. Files may also include photographs and dedication pamphlets. Collection also contains organizational files...

Hidalgo County Historical Museum (HCHM) / Museum of South Texas History (MOSTH)

 Collection — Container: 104, Box: 1R
Identifier: ELIBR-000104
Scope and Contents The collection consists of the historical information, annual reports, programs, events, and newsletters pertaining to the Hidalgo County Historical Museum (HCHM), which underwent a name change in 2003 and is now called the Museum of South Texas History (MOSTH).

Hidalgo County Marks and Brands

 Collection — other: 3V
Identifier: UTPA-MS-Hidalgo Marks
Scope and Contents This is a name index to the first three surviving Hidalgo County, Texas marks and brands books. Information contained in the first two volumes is also found in the third volume. It is probable that the first brand book for Hidalgo County does not exist because there is a gap from the founding of Hidalgo County in 1852 until 1866. Also, no retrospective registrations appear to be included prior to 1866. Names such as de la Garza, de la Pena, de la Vina, etc. are alphabetized under Garza, Pena,...

Hidalgo County Records Collection

Identifier: ELIBR-000065
Scope and Contents Hidalgo County Records Collection contains non-current records of permanent value from various offices.

Hidalgo County Reports and Publications

 Collection — other: 1D
Identifier: UTPA-MS-Hidalgo County
Scope and Contents Collection contains miscellaneous publications, reports, and other documents created by, for or about Hidalgo County government and departments.

Historical Faculty Scholarly Output

Identifier: UTRGV-01-010
Scope and Contents Bibliographies for faculty members as collected by the University Library. Bibliographies are not guaranteed to be exhaustive or complete. Information compiled through a variety of measures, including reviews of faculty curriculum vitae. Dates by authors names indicate dates of employment by the University.

History of Jose Vasquez Borrego Grant

 Collection — Container: 153t, Folder: 1F
Identifier: ELIBR-000153-t
Scope and Contents Photostatic copy of Spanish (1848) and English translation (1930) for the Jose Vasquez Borrego land grant.

Hodges, H. A. Edinburg Rotary Club [manuscript]

 Collection — Folder: 1
Identifier: UTPA-MS-0001-32
Scope and Contents Document in which H. A. Hodges tells the history of the Edinburg Rotary club's activities and members.

Hurricane Beulah Photograph Scrapbook

 Collection — Box: 175, Box: OP-P-A, Box: 1
Identifier: ELIBR-000175
Content Description One scrapbook of photographs taken by Merlin E. Rekward, border patrol agent when Hurricane Beulah made landfall.

Indivisible - Proyecto Azteca

 Collection — Container: 120, Box: 1D
Identifier: ELIBR-000120
Scope and Contents File includes photographs and oral history for book by same title.

J. D. Freeman Collection

 Collection — Container: 116, Box: 1R, 1D
Identifier: ELIBR-000116
Scope and Contents Collection contains files, correspondence, and land surveys in South Texas.

J. J. Cavazos

 Collection — Container: 153v, Folder: 1F
Identifier: ELIBR-000153-v

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